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The product provides users with an aggregated data feed with odds from over 150 bookies, catering to the needs of affiliates, tipsters, odds comparison, or media websites. The advanced average pre-match odds feed is tailored for businesses seeking to exhibit average prices for specific markets and compare whether the odds offered by each bookmaker are above or below the average value.

The odds feed combines leading bookmakers worldwide in specific markets, ensuring our average odds are reliable and accurate. By analyzing the differences between the individual bookie odds and the average (market) odds, the users have an additional tool to support their prediction about the future odds movement.

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Provide the best market overview for betters with average odds feeds 

Provide the ultimate market overview for bettors with our average odds feeds. Empower your users to make informed betting decisions by offering them a comprehensive overview that incorporates data from over 150 bookmakers.

When users are assessing which bets to make, the ability to effortlessly survey and compare available odds can set your website apart and help position it as the preferred platform to place bets on. With our solution, you provide the optimal resource for users to maximize their chances of success in the betting world by analyzing sporting events based on market averages. By combining average odds with bookmaker comparisons you provide them with the exact average odds feeds that show the trends on specific sporting events. Combine your coverage with an extended odds comparison for the bookmakers and enrich your affiliate business today.

Average odds
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How does it benefit you?

Our average odds product is easy to integrate into any platform, offering one aggregated data feed with one of the most comprehensive coverage lists in the industry. Our advanced technical systems ensure our odds feeds are reliable and accurate, providing the most relevant and up-to-date data for your affiliate website’s users.

What our average feed offer

Combine your coverage in one feed

EnetOdds’ Average Odds product is designed to provide businesses with a benchmark of the actual market value by combining odds from bookmakers with worldwide coverage. This product enhances the overall user experience of your site visitors and is ideal for a wide range of clients, including tipsters, prediction sites, bookmaker ratings, and live score sites.

Our product can be used as a standalone solution without additional integration from bookmakers, making it a hassle-free option for your odds data needs. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with separate bookmaker feeds to strengthen your comparison options and provide even more valuable insights to your users.

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