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Unlock the Power of Odds Comparison with the EnetOdds Widget. In addition to providing bookmaker odds through API and XML feeds, we also offer a seamless integration of odds into our ready-to-use widgets. Our widgets are easy to integrate and with their user-friendly design we aim to improve your user experience, and engagement, as well as help you monetize sports coverage of affiliate businesses and online media companies,

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Odds Comparison Widget

Our customizable odds widget offers seamless integration of bookmaker odds comparison directly on your website. Select your preferred bookies and enable your users to compare odds, helping them make informed decisions.

Try it now and see the difference it can make for your business.

Easy Integration

Our comparison widget is designed to be easy to integrate, so you can provide valuable odds comparison data to your audience without any complicated setup. Simply use our simple embed code to place it strategically anywhere on your site. Plus, it’s just as easy to customise, allowing you to select the relevant bookies for your audience to compare odds.

Livescore Widgets with Odds

EnetOdds offers clients the ability to seamlessly integrate event odds directly into their live score widgets, creating a more engaging and informative experience for users. Our livescore widgets can be customized to include specific bookmaker odds feeds, giving affiliates and other partners new options to drive revenue from the sports content.

Add more value to your sports coverage with EnetOdds live score widgets with odds whether you’re an affiliate, a livescore site, or a media company.

Odds widget

Outrights Odds Widgets

In addition to our comprehensive odds comparison widget and live score widgets with odds, we also offer the implementation of the bookmaker odds in the outrights widgets. Our Outrights Widget offers outright data for top leagues in football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and handball, as well as for major events such as the NFL, MLB, and Tour de France.

With this easy-to-apply solution, you can give your users access to up-to-date outright odds, ensuring that they are always informed and ready to make the best decisions.

At EnetOdds, we understand that every sports media business is unique – which is why we offer a variety of customisable widgets and feeds to meet your specific needs.

Let us help you take your coverage to the next level.

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