sports odds XML feed

Sports odds XML feed

With our sports odds XML feed format, you instantly get your endpoints updated. The XML push feeds provide you with an ultra-fast source of bookmaker odds directly on your site, which gives your users the instant updates they need to make quick decisions when the game calls for it.

What is an XML push feed?

An XML push feed is a format that delivers bookmaker odds feeds to your server by pushing the data to your URL. The XML push feed will automatically send the data feeds from the bookmakers directly to your system. A push feed refers to how data is actively sent from one system to another in real time, so whenever new information becomes available, it instantly gets pushed to the receiving system without any manual action. XML feeds work by having a sender system generating the XML document to the receiver system which then processes and interprets the data according to its own requirements.

In short, with an XML push feed, you get automated and timely sharing of information between two systems, making it easier for them to communicate and exchange data without any human involvement.

Click here to read our documentation and get a more detailed insight into our XML push service.

Odds data with API

As an alternative to our XML feeds, we also offer a smooth and well-documented API service for our bookmaker odds. If your business is used to API integrations, this will be the solution. You can combine the feeds with our easy-to-integrate odds data widgets, or you can build everything from scratch. On our documentation page, you can read about the advantages of going with either our XML or API solution.

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